Pickleball for Every(body).

A brand that represents what your community & club courts really look like.

No matter your age, background, gender, language or level of athletic ability - This is a game you can play. Pickleball is a fun way to get active and a highly addictive court sport that brings us all together. Single Double designs stylish and top quality pickleball products that everyone will be sure to love. Win or lose - you'll look great doing it!

All models photographed play locally in Asheville, NC

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Single Double on the Court

  • Pickleball 101

    If you are new to pickleball, watch this video to learn how to play.

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  • Let's Chat

    We are open to creative inquiries regarding collaborations, exclusives, ambassadors, influencers & wholesale accounts. Please contact us at hello@singledouble.net to say hello!

  • Launch Party

    Shop paddles, learn how to play pickleball & say hello to community members during our launch party on Dec. 3rd in Asheville, NC @ the Asheville Sports Club : Noon-4pm

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