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How to Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court

So you've discovered the highs and lows of pickleball, and you're dying to play. The only problem is… so does everyone else. If every single pickleball court in your town has a waitlist until 2024, you may need to get your pickleball fix on a tennis court instead. Tennis courts are widely available in almost every city across the country, making your chances of staking your claim in one for the afternoon far easier. Of course, tennis courts aren't designed for pickleball, so you'll have to make some quick adjustments. Luckily, we've created this quick guide to get you playing pickleball on a tennis court in no time. Here's what you need to know: 

Overhead view of people play pickleball on a tennis court at night

What is the Difference Between a Tennis Court and a Pickleball Court?

In simple terms, a tennis court is larger than a pickleball court. Tennis courts are 60x120 feet, while pickleball courts are 20x44 feet. Pickleball and tennis nets are both 36 inches tall with pickleball nets being 34 inches at the center.  A pickleball game can be played on one half of a tennis court.

How to play Pickleball on a Tennis Court

How to choose to play pickleball on a tennis court comes down to your preference. You can take the time to set up official lines or you can just go out there and hit the ball around. Here’s some options to choose from.

Tennis Court with pickleball lines

Option 1: If the tennis court already has permanent pickleball lines 

Some public tennis courts will have permanent pickleball lines marked in a different color than the tennis court outline.  If they do, that’s ideal. You will only need to set up a portable pickleball net.  You can play a whole game of pickleball on one half side of a tennis court. Therefore technically, two separate pickleball games can occur simultaneously on each side of a tennis court. That means if both sides are playing a doubles game, 8 people can play on one full size tennis court - 4 on each side.

Option 2: If there are no designated pickleball lines on the tennis court

Since pickleball has different boundary regulations than tennis, all you need to play pickleball on a tennis court is create some new temporary lines. Do not use anything permanent or semi-permanent, like chalk, paint, or tape, without permission from the tennis court owner or manager. Here is an option for reusable pickleball court lines that are pre-measured and angled and make setting up for your game quick and simple. Additionally, if you have reusable nylon lines and a net, you can play pickleball anywhere, not just on a tennis court.  A gym, a parking lot, or your driveway - why not!

Group of people with Single Double paddles meeting at the net before a pickleball match

Option 3: If you just want to have fun hitting the ball around 

At the very minimum, you need a set of paddles and balls (might we recommend the Single Double Paddle Set) and at least one other person to play with.  If you’re just looking to get a feel for how to play, you can always just use a tennis court net to hit back and forth for fun. But chances are, there may be other community members who already have pickleball nets set up. So feel free to jump in and join them. The pickleball community is the best!

Everyone is dying to play pickleball these days, and not being able to reserve a pickleball court shouldn’t be what stops you from getting out there. Create a profile on to see where and when people are playing in your local area and make sure to join in on games that begin at 2.0 rating which is equal to a beginner rating.  If you have any questions about pickleball feel free to reach out! We’d love to hear from you. 



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