Women Who Rule the Pickleball World: Spotlight on Female Founders and Leaders

Women Who Rule the Pickleball World: Spotlight on Female Founders and Leaders

Pickleball, a fast-paced sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, is taking the world by storm. And while three men invented it, women have played a significant role in popularizing the sport and developing it into what we know it to be today. In this blog post, we will spotlight some of the women leading the way in the world of pickleball, both as athletes and entrepreneurs. 

Simone Jardim: Athlete to Role Model

Simone Jardim, better known as the “Serena Williams of pickleball,” is a Brazilian-born pickleball player who has won multiple gold medals in both singles and doubles competitions. She is also a highly respected coach and has worked with some of the best players in the sport. 

In addition to her success on the court, she serves as a role model for young girls interested in pursuing professional sports as a career. Simone offers pickleball camps for players of all ages, where she instructs them personally and shares all her knowledge about the sport. She has used her grand success in pickleball to create a name for herself as a leader for younger female athletes. 

Anna Leigh Waters: Ranked No.1 In The World For Doubles

At just 16 years old, Anna Leigh Waters is already a legend in the world of pickleball. As the number one ranked pickleball player in the world, Anna Leigh has revolutionized the game for women. Her impressive skills and competitive spirit have helped to break down gender barriers in this sport, and her success has inspired many young women to take up pickleball. With her incredible talent and dedication to the game, Anna Leigh Waters is a true role model for female pickleball players everywhere.

Laura Vossberg Gainor: Founder of Pickleball in The Sun

Laura Vossberg Gainor, a passionate pickleball fanatic, founded Pickleball in the Sun to promote the luxurious side of pickleball and showcase the many destination and lifestyle brands that make the sport unique. The brand partners with various brands and focuses on highlighting destinations around the world that pickleball players may travel to and play the sport. Pickleball in the Sun is dedicated to defining pickleball as a destination travel-worthy game, while simultaneously sharing deluxe brands and lifestyle opportunities the sport has brought along the way.

Blake Renaud: Founder of the PicklePlay App

Blake Renaud is the founder and CEO of PicklePlay, a mobile application dedicated to the sport of pickleball. The app focuses on connecting pickleball players with others who match their skill set, as well as courts and events in their communities. Find your next pickleball opponent by downloading the PicklePlay app.

Jennifer Cronjé: Founder of Single Double Pickleball

We have to spotlight our very own founder, Jenifer Cronjé. She found her love for pickleball when she moved to a new town and did not know many people there. She discovered that pickleball provided her with a safe space to stay active and meet new people! Like many pickleball players, Jennifer struggled to find durable paddles and decided to take on the challenge and fix this issue herself. Into the picture comes Single Double Pickleball, the perfect place to buy stylish and durable paddles created by a pickleball player. With her company, her mission is to create a safe space for everyone that enjoys the sport regardless of age, background, or ability. Jennifer is a true inspiration within the pickleball world. 

Today, we have shared with you just some of the fantastic women in the world of pickleball. We have shared it all, from professional athletes to casual players and founders of outstanding companies. That’s just a tiny peek into all the incredible women in this industry who are pushing this sport to the forefront of today’s sports world. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, these women have demonstrated that anyone can play!

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