Where to Play Pickleball in Asheville, NC

Where to Play Pickleball in Asheville, NC

Across the US, pickleball is everyone’s new favorite sport, and Asheville is no exception. Whether you’re local or visiting, Asheville has a lot of beautiful, unique pickleball courts to choose from. And hey, while you’re at it, consider picking up some Asheville-themed pickleball paddles from a local pickleball supply company (aka, us!) Here are some of our favorite places to play. 

Ashville Racquet Club

Best Dedicated Courts: Asheville Racquet Club South Location 

Asheville Racquet Club boasts the nicest pickleball courts in Asheville. The club offers indoor and outdoor courts, so you can play no matter the weather. With 8 outdoor and 4 indoor pickleball courts, the private club ensures you can always play and you never have to wait. Non-members can drop in to play for a small fee and beginners can take Pickleball 101 lessons. You definitely want to check this one out! 

Montford Park

Best Location: Montford Park 

Montford Park is centrally located in Asheville and surrounded by lush trees and rolling green hills. It was also the inspiration for our Montford Paddle. The park’s two public tennis courts can be split into 4 pickleball courts. Not sure how to play pickleball on a tennis court? Check out our easy guide to get started. Montford Park also has lighted courts that work great for pickleball after dark.

Asheville Sports Club

Best Sip and Play: Asheville Sports Club 

If you’re looking to grab a beverage while you play, Asheville Sports Club is the place. Here, a basketball court converts into two pickleball courts. Asheville Sports Club has a full sports bar, making it the perfect place to have a few drinks while you play some pickleball. As a bonus, if you purchase a Single Double paddle there, you can rent a court for free. What could be better? 

Oakley Park

Best Sunset & Rainbows: Oakley Park 

Soak in a sunset view (or the occasional rainbow!) over the Blue Ridge Mountains while you play pickleball at Oakley Park. This park has 4 public tennis courts and 8 pickleball courts, so there’s plenty of room to play. Plus, pickleballers and tennis players can easily share courts here without feeling rushed or in competition for court time. We recommend setting up a portable pickleball net in order to play on the tennis courts. Oakley Park also keeps its lights on late for night games. 

Mountain Air

Best Luxury Pickleball Courts: Mountain Air  (Burnsville, NC)

One hour away from Asheville by car in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the private luxury country club, Mountain Air. They have two dedicated pickleball courts. They also have an airstrip, so you can land your private plane, if that’s your thing. Hands down, you will have the best view of North Carolina during your game. Non-members can rent accommodation here and reserve courts to play. It’s 100% worth the drive (or flight.) 

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